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Fences Built on a Firm Foundation

The team at Fence ‘N’ Things has several years of experience in the fence-building industry. We provide fencing of all types for a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our main products are our customized wooden fences which add a look of class and elegance to our clients’ homes while providing privacy and silence. We also build sturdy, top-quality chain link, vinyl, and many other types of fences. Additionally, we can install sound-absorbing panels to cut down on the noise pollution in your neighbourhood and turn your yard into a true sanctuary.


Our business is built firmly upon the principles of respect, honesty, and integrity. At Fence ‘N’ Things we value our customers’ satisfaction above all other considerations. We want you to be happy with your fence for many years to come, and nothing makes us gladder than knowing that we’ve built a fence that meets and exceeds our customers’ highest expectations. Our fences are built to be both aesthetically appealing and extremely durable.


Are you still sitting on the fence? Get the job done right and give us a call to discuss your fencing project!

High Quality Customized Fences

Learn more about our high quality fencing products.

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