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Quality Customized Wood Fences in Red Deer

Reclaim your property with one of our high-quality, fully-customized wooden fences, built especially for Red Deer’s homeowners and businesses. At Fence ‘N’ Things our customers become part of the building process, choosing everything from the design to the materials. We have the expertise and resourcefulness needed to turn your vision into reality.


Few things can compare with the feeling of peace and intimacy that you get when you relax in a yard enclosed by a well-built, elegant wooden fence. A tall wooden fence allows you to truly make your yard your own, providing shelter from the noisy world outside and enhancing the beauty of the gardens and trees that lie within.

We specialize in customized wooden fences, but we also build many other types of fences. No job is too big—we often build large fences for commercial and industrial clients. Our list of products includes the following:

Vinyl fences

Post caps


Chain link fences

Wood fences



Sound barriers


Metal railings

Custom decks

Basement developments






Fences Built to Last

Appearance is only one part of what makes a good fence—durability and functionality are perhaps even more important. Our gates open and close smoothly and won’t jam up over time, and our fences are built to withstand the wear and tear caused by snow drifts, erosion, and warping ground, as well as impact and repeated use. All in all, our fences are ideal both for providing privacy and for keeping out large rodents and deer, and they will last for many years to come.

A Peace to Call Your Own

Fence ‘N’ Things builds sound-absorbing barriers to further protect you from the noise surrounding your home. If you live near a highway, factory, or sports field, our sound barriers are a great way to enjoy your yard in peace and quiet, in spite of the sound pollution in your neighbourhood.


Let’s get fencing! Call us today to discuss your project.

Beautiful Fences Built to Last

Check out our finished products on our gallery page.

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